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4 min readDec 8, 2021
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I’m sure in your circle of friends there are some that don’t understand crypto or blockchain technologies. They’ve asked you to explain the blockchain universe to them, but they’re immediately lost and confused.

Chances are you explained those topics to them using jargon only people that are active in the space would understand.

Marketing in the crypto and blockchain space is no different. The less technical jargon used in your marketing efforts the better.

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No one likes to feel left out

No one likes to feel excluded from a conversation because they don’t understand the “fancy”, technical jargon, or terminology that’s used. It makes them feel disconnected with the crowd and as if they don’t belong.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces are filled with complex technologies, which in return, comes with “techy” jargon.

It’s important to remember that when marketing your crypto or blockchain-focused technology that your audience wasn’t a part of your technology’s creation process. They likely won’t get the technical jargon you use daily with your team.

The marketing language you create must resonate with your audience so they can understand your technology and see the value you’ve built.

Establish value

Most people don’t buy Toyota's and Honda’s because they understand the intricacies of their design, or how to take apart their engines. They buy them because they are regarded as some of the most reliable car brands.

Not everyone who uses your cryptocurrency or blockchain tech will understand exactly how it was built, or the underlying code beneath. They need to see the value you deliver.

That value can be delivered without the use of “techy” jargon.

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Step into your consumer’s shoes

Imagine you’re the consumer. You’re on your favorite crypto news outlet and an ad appears for a hardware wallet.

You take a quick glance at the ad and you’re immediately faced with jargon you don’t understand.

In a perfect world the consumer would open up a new tab and research the hardware wallet and the jargon used in the ad. Then immediately head over to the wallet’s site to purchase one.

That is unlikely.

Now, let’s say you were presented with an ad that displayed the wallet and included a brief, digestible description of a neat feature the wallet offers. You would be more likely to convert because you appreciate it’s use case and at the very least, understand that it’s a hardware wallet.

It’s also possible that you don’t purchase the wallet based off one ad. But next week you start to have concerns about how you store your crypto assets.

It’s time to purchase a hardware wallet.

You’ll remember that ad you saw for the wallet and head over to their site because the ad described a neat feature the wallet offers.

You couldn’t have even considered that wallet if you didn’t understand the value it offered.

When it’s appropriate to use jargon

In most marketing efforts it’s best to keep jargon to a minimum or none at all.

There are times when jargon is necessary, such as when writing a technical whitepaper or in the “how it works” page on your site.

You can also use jargon to create value for your audience by educating them on the jargon terminology used.

Like most technologies, they have multiple social media channels where they post content about their technology, company or updates.

You can create educational content for your audience through your various social media channels. You can create content on jargon most people may not understand about your technology’s space.

By creating that educational content you are offering value to your audience. While doing so, this also creates brand equity.


Your goal as a technology that operates in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is to provide value for this incredible industry and your audience.

To survive, your audience must know what your technology is and to be able to understand how they can use it to benefit them.

In order to communicate effectively in your marketing efforts, it’s best to leave “techy” jargon to a minimum or none at all.

Everyday, people are being introduced to the crypto and blockchain space. They don’t want to feel overwhelmed or left-out because the jargon used goes over their head, or believe they don’t have the mental capacity to grow in the space.

When you market your technology, you are speaking directly to your consumer. You don’t want to miss out on a large group of individuals because they don’t understand the language, or your product’s value.

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