Less Technical Jargon the Better

Braten Oak’s Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Marketing Tips

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No one likes to feel left out

No one likes to feel excluded from a conversation because they don’t understand the “fancy”, technical jargon, or terminology that’s used. It makes them feel disconnected with the crowd and as if they don’t belong.

Establish value

Most people don’t buy Toyota's and Honda’s because they understand the intricacies of their design, or how to take apart their engines. They buy them because they are regarded as some of the most reliable car brands.

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Step into your consumer’s shoes

Imagine you’re the consumer. You’re on your favorite crypto news outlet and an ad appears for a hardware wallet.

When it’s appropriate to use jargon

In most marketing efforts it’s best to keep jargon to a minimum or none at all.


Your goal as a technology that operates in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is to provide value for this incredible industry and your audience.

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