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4 min readDec 17, 2021
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If you operate in the blockchain or cryptocurrency atmosphere, start a podcast. It may be the tool you need to grow your brand.

Podcasts grant you the opportunity to interact with your audience about your company, and the projects that you work on.

It also allows you to give your company a face (if you record a video to go along with the podcast) and personality. That’s huge when it comes to brand equity.


Starting a podcast is comparable to when you first get your driver’s license.

You make mistakes, find new ways to approach situations and learn to focus your attention towards the task at hand.

On the other end of the spectrum, it can be enjoyable and grants you the freedom to explore.

As with anything else, it takes time to become comfortable speaking into a microphone and to know the conversation is being recorded.

You may stumble on some words and get lost in your sentences, but don’t let that discourage you. Sometimes the rough and unplanned podcasts are the best episodes because they are genuine.

Don’t get hung up on trying to make the perfect podcast episode every time. If you provide value to your audience and act as your genuine self, you will achieve wonders.

Content, content and content

You may think that coming up with content may be the difficult part, but it’s not. You’re surrounded by content everyday.

Think about daily conversations that you have with people in your section of the blockchain space, those conversations could be episodes on your podcast.

If you have a company that creates blockchain-focused technologies, your podcast can have multiple styles of episodes.

You could discuss various topics that surround your space, share updates about your company and invite like-minded people to be guests on your podcast.

The main focus for our podcast Marketing on the Moon is to discuss topics on marketing in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, and to create content for our marketing agency Braten Oak.

We created two episodes that were dedicated to our experiences at The 2021 Bitcoin Conference in Miami, FL.

Although, those episodes weren’t about marketing, we still believed them to be valuable content for folks that were planning to attend The Bitcoin Conference.

Don’t feel that you must focus on one episode style. You can branch out and have multiple episode styles on your podcast. Keep in mind, that it would be best to focus on content that your audiences engages with the most.


There is podcast equipment for any budget. You can spend as little, or much as you want too.

We bought equipment that would suit our needs best. Our equipment needed to be portable because we knew we wanted to travel and be able to set up anywhere to have a podcast.

Your needs could be different, but we wanted to share our equipment for those that have little to no podcasting experience.

Our podcast equipment:

So far, we have been extremely pleased with what we purchased and highly recommend this setup.

Bonus tips

On your podcasts’ episodes leave the name of your website and email address for your audience to reach out. This allows them to engage with you and for them to leave suggestions about a topic they would like you to cover, or ask you questions.

It’s not a necessity, but we recommend that if you’re going to use a microphone, buy a stand or an arm to hold it. This removes a lot of unnecessary sounds from your recordings due to movement, and it’s more natural to talk when you don’t have to hold a microphone.

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